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mysql – Anything similar to Hibernate in PHP?

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I am a Java programmer and was working on a project using Hibernate and Struts for some time.

Now For my new project, I am working on PHP and Mysql (learning PHP).
Is there any technology which is similar to Hibernate for PHP? If yes, can anyone give me the link where I can understand and use it?

Is there a POJO concept in PHP?

How to&Answers:

In my opinion the best ORM for PHP is Doctrine.

You may also wish to check out Propel and see which suits your style better.

PHP ORMs: Doctrine vs. Propel is a recent SO question comparing the two. Common PHP frameworks like Symfony let you use either ORM as far as I recall.

As far as POJOs, as far as I know you’d use stdClass for that in PHP. I’m not much with Java though, so I can’t say for sure. Here’s an SO Question about that… What is stdClass in PHP?


If you need ORM, you can try Doctrine


If you’re not stuck on PHP (e.g. you can use any scripting language), Perl has both POJO concept (Perl objects) and Hibernate alternatives (including hibernate Perl port; and several Object-Relational Mapping classes).

If you’re forced into PHP, you can see alist of OR/M for PHP here


There is also dmz as a doctrine alternative: http://datamapper.wanwizard.eu/ which is very simple to setup and made to work with codeigniter.