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Mysql minimum function

Posted by: admin November 29, 2017 Leave a comment


Is there a predefined MySQL function that returns minimum
of its arguments’ values (MINIMUM(1,16) -> 1)?

To be more specific, I have a time-on-site column in one of my mysql tables.
Every visitor polls my server every 30 sec making an update:

UPDATE `mytable` SET `lastUpdate` = NOW() WHERE `id` = ?;

but I’d like to update also timeOnSite column like this:

UPDATE `mytable` SET `timeOnSite` = (
`timeOnSite` + MINIMUM( 
                   TIMESTAMPDIFF(SECOND, lastUpdate, NOW()), 30
`lastUpdate` = NOW() WHERE `id` = ?;

But the problem is that there are no such MINIMUM function, and I failed to find it in MySQL manuals.


That’s because its called LEAST() to avoid confusion with the aggregate function MIN().