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Navigating through imports in Eclipse without project

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enter image description hereI got my hands onto an Android project that was decompiled from .apk into an obfuscated version of a Java project (has the google, com folders and what not). I want to study the code, but it is hard, because all the paths look like a.a.a.a.b().c();

Is it possible to set up Eclipse, or any other IDE to accept the folder with all the .java classes and treat it as a project so when I click on the import or the object that was created using a different class, I would navigate to that class instead of manually searching for every file?


or any other IDE

Well in Android Studio. First I added a new folder with some java files and packages on my desktop, without any other files.

Then I managed to open it using Android Studio by simpling opening a folder as a project.

enter image description here

After that in my project structure tab, I selected Project.

enter image description here

And the files and subfolders appeared like they are present in the folder. Note that an .idea folder will be created by Android Studio when you open the project folder.

To actually navigate through the files you can create a Java project in Android Studio, then add a new sub-package, and open the folder containing the files.

Adding java folders to android studio project