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Need WYSIWYG without contenteditable and textarea

Posted by: admin November 1, 2017 Leave a comment


Any WYSIWYG editor I’ve seen so far always trigger the soft-keyboard on tablets when the editor gets focus. However, in my web-app I have build a keyboard myself (I have my reasons). It means that when I focus an editor I don’t want the soft-keyboard to popup because mine is already shining!

Most of the WYSIWYG editors use contenteditable, which trigger the soft-keyboard. The most interesting WYSIWYG editor for me so far is ace. It is without contenteditable, just HTML, but under the hood there is a textarea, meaning focus will show the tablet’s soft-keyboard. I tried to make it readonly but then the editor doesn’t work any more.

I’m wondering if it can be done, a focussed WYSIWYG editor without the soft-keyboard and some kind of api to send input to?