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.net – How can I generate a flat excel file from a .rdl report?

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I have a .rdl report that formats data as a report. I want to export that data to excel as a flat table with the raw data that was returned based on the params in the report. The default excel export looks just like the report which isn’t what I want (I just want rows and columns). Is there an easy way to do this?

How to&Answers:

You can save it as csv file. After that you must import that file in excel not open that with excel.


If you want to do it as a non-CSV format then make sure that you have zero formatting on any of the report and also try and make sure that any fields are converted into their type – sometimes excel misunderestimates dates etc, Use .net convert functions to do this – alternatively you may have to hack the dataset datatype for a field.

Remove any headers, footers, charts – you’re basically after as vanilla as possible

If you do include any of these, make sure they start and finish points line up, if not then you’ll get split cells.