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No internet on Android emulator – why and how to fix?

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I am trying to use internet with the Android emulator, but with no success.
Any ideas?

How to&Answers:

If by “use internet”, you mean you can not access the internet from an activity while testing on the emulator, make sure you have set the internet permission in your AndroidManifest.xml

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" /> 

If you are using the web browser, refer to Donal’s post


In order to use internet on emulator if you are setting behind a proxy server perform the following steps:

  1. Go to settings->Wireless & networks->mobile networks->Access Point Names.
  2. Press menu button. an option menu will appear.

  3. from the option menu select New APN.

  4. Click on Name. provide name to apn say My APN.
  5. Click on APN. Enter www.
  6. Click on Proxy. enter your proxy server IP. you can get it from internet explorers internet options menu.
  7. click on Port. enter port number in my case it was 8080. you can get it from internet explorers internet options menu.
  8. Click on User-name. provide user-name in format domain\user-name. generally it is your systems login.
  9. Click on password. provide your systems password.
  10. press menu button again. an option menu will appear.
  11. press save.
    try n run your browser.
    hope its work for you it worked for me. good luck.


If you are using eclipse try:

Window > Preferences > Android > Launch

Default emulator options: -dns-server,


Try launching the Emulator from the command line as follows:

emulator -verbose -avd <AVD name>

This will give you detailed output and may show the error that’s preventing the emulator from connecting to the Internet.


Check your internet settings, firewalls and such may be blocking it, I know when I was working on it in college they were blocking the port number but I’ve never had any trouble on my home machines


I have searched long and hard for an answer to this question. From what I gather Google did that on purpose once people used the internet connection to add spam comments to the market. However, I did find a guy who had done it and was willing to share the required images. The linked AVD runs(for me) both the market and browser internet.

NOTE: It looks like it’s just going to fix the market. But the market won’t run without internet, so if the market is fixed, the browser internet will work too. I downloaded the linked files myself and it showed the internet in the browser perfectly.


If you run into this problem and are working with a non-Windows/Mac OS (Ubuntu in my case), try starting the emulator by itself in Android SDK and AVD Manager then running your application.


The easiest way is to follow these steps:

  1. run android emulator 1.5
  2. open up the menu
  3. go to settings
  4. wireless settings(first block) and right at the bottom turn off airplane mode.

By now you would’ve seen on top 3g and your established connection.


on OSX, Little Snitch was automatically denying any connection to Eclipse (and the emulator). Allow connections in Little Snitch, you have to go into Little Snitch’s rules


Allow the ADB to access the network by opening it on the firewall

If you are using winvista and above, go to Windows Advance Firewall under Administrative tool in Control Panel and enable it from there