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Node.js Kue how to restart failed jobs

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I am using kue for delayed jobs in my node.js application.

I have some problems to figure out how I can restart a job using the API of kue without having to move the id of a job manually from the the list of failed jobs to the list of inactive jobs using redis commands.

Is this possible using kue?

I don’t want to set a fixed number of retry attempts – I just want to retry specific jobs.

Suggestions for a well maintained alternative to kue are also welcome.


i dont know if this is working but you could try to reset the state of the job to active, and save the job again:

job.on('failed', function() {

Edit: setting state to inactive will correctly re-enqueue the task.


This can also be done using queue level events.

queue.on('job failed', function(id, result) {
    kue.Job.get(id, function(err, job) {
        if (!err && shouldRetry(job))

Thus you don’t need to do for every job that you wish to retry. Instead you can filter it in the queue level event.


see Failure Attempts in the official docs

By default jobs only have one attempt, that is when they fail, they
are marked as a failure, and remain that way until you intervene.
However, Kue allows you to specify this, which is important for jobs
such as transferring an email, which upon failure, may usually retry
without issue. To do this invoke the .attempts() method with a number.

 queue.create('email', {
     title: 'welcome email for tj'
   , to: '[email protected]'
   , template: 'welcome-email'

reference: failure attempts