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NSCameraUsageDescription in iOS 10.0 runtime crash?

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Using iOS 10.0 last beta. I had tried to use Camera to scan barcode in my app, and it crashed with this runtime error.

This app has crashed because it attempted to access privacy-sensitive
data without a usage description. The app’s Info.plist must contain
an NSCameraUsageDescription key with a string value explaining to the
user how the app uses this data.

Put this key into the plist, but it still crashed?


After iOS 10 you have to define and provide a usage description of all the system’s privacy-sensitive data accessed by your app in Info.plist as below:


Key    :  Privacy - Calendars Usage Description    
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) calendar events

Reminder :

Key    :   Privacy - Reminders Usage Description    
Value  :   $(PRODUCT_NAME) reminder use

Contact :

Key    :   Privacy - Contacts Usage Description     
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) contact use

Photo :

Key    :  Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description    
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) photo use

Bluetooth Sharing :

Key    :  Privacy - Bluetooth Peripheral Usage Description     
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) Bluetooth Peripheral use

Microphone :

Key    :  Privacy - Microphone Usage Description    
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) microphone use

Camera :

Key    :  Privacy - Camera Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) camera use

Location :

Key    :  Privacy - Location Always Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) location use

Key    :  Privacy - Location When In Use Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) location use

Heath :

Key    :  Privacy - Health Share Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) heath share use

Key    :  Privacy - Health Update Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) heath update use

HomeKit :

Key    :  Privacy - HomeKit Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) home kit use

Media Library :

Key    :  Privacy - Media Library Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) media library use

Motion :

Key    :  Privacy - Motion Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) motion use

Speech Recognition :

Key    :  Privacy - Speech Recognition Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) speech use

SiriKit :

Key    :  Privacy - Siri Usage Description  
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) siri use

TV Provider :

Key    :  Privacy - TV Provider Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) tvProvider use

You can get detailed information in this link.


As Apple has changed how you can access any user private data types in iOS 10.

You need to add the “Privacy - Camera usage description” key to your app’s Info.plist and their usage information which is apply for your application, as in below example I had provided that I have used to scan barcodes.

For more information please find the below screenshot.

enter image description here


You have to add this below key in info.plist.

Privacy - Camera usage description

And add description of usage.

Detailed screenshots are available in this link


Alternatively open Info.plist as source code and add this:

<string>Camera usage description</string>


Use these raw values and copy in info.plist

      <string>$(PRODUCT_NAME) calendar events</string>
      <string>$(PRODUCT_NAME) reminder use</string>
      <string>This app requires to access your photo library to show image on profile and send via chat</string>
      <string>This app requires to access your microphone to record video with your voice send via chat</string>
      <string>This app requires to access your photo library to show image on profile and send via chat</string>
       <string>$(PRODUCT_NAME) contact use</string>
      <string>$(PRODUCT_NAME) location use</string>
      <string>$(PRODUCT_NAME) location use</string>


Another instance that I faced while trying to use the camera, was that it was still busy crashing giving same _CRASHING_DUE_TO_PRIVACY even after adding the “Camera Usage Description”. After failing to get anything tangible from the call stack, switched to the “Organizer” and looked into the crash reports on the device. I found that it was in fact complaining about the privacy due to the missing “Microphone Usage Description”. I added that and got rid of such a cryptic break down.


the xcode UI has changed a bit from one version to the next so here is where you update the plist for 9.0 beta 4 if it helps
Project ->Target ->Infoenter image description here