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office js – Admin Managed Excel Add-in not visible in Office365 Excel

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We have a Excel Web Addin, that was deployed to a group of users using the Office 365 Admin Center. But the add-in is not visible in Excel 2016 (Version 1803,Build 9126.2275, Click to Deploy) for those users.

Fiddler trace shows the following when the user tries to refresh the “Admin Managed” add-in dialog box.
enter image description here

Fiddler Trace

<MessageText>User must have a mailbox for name resolution operations.</MessageText>

I also came across this post
"No add-ins currently available." when deploying add-in using Centralized Deployment

that talks about enabling Exchange. I am not sure what that really means.

So any help is appreciated in understanding the issue and resolution.


How to&Answers:

Based on the error message, I’d assume you’re having issues with users not being assigned mailboxes, which are required to enable Centralized Deployed add-ins.

Could you try running through the compatibility checking steps outlines here? It will help provide more detail on the exact issue.

Download the compatibility checker here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=55270

Run the compatibility checker Start an elevated PowerShell.exe window.

Run the \Import-Module O365CompatibilityChecker\ command.

Run the \Invoke-CompatibilityCheck\ command, which prompts you for TenantDomain (for example, TailspinToysIncorporated.onmicrosoft.com) and TenantAdmin credentials, and then requests consent.

You can also find more ways to debug in this help article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-ie/office365/admin/manage/centralized-deployment-of-add-ins?redirectSourcePath=%252farticle%252fDetermine-if-Centralized-Deployment-of-add-ins-works-for-your-Office-365-organization-b4527d49-4073-4b43-8274-31b7a3166f92&view=o365-worldwide#BKMK_UserAndGroupAssignments?omkt=de-CH&ui=de-DE&rs=de-CH&ad=CH

Thanks, Alan