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org mode – How to make org-mobile work in android?

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I want to view and edit my org-file in my Android phone, I synchronize files with Ubuntu one. I added such code in .emacs

(setq org-mobile-directory "~/Documents")

and I also set Org Mobile Directory as ~/Documents in Org Mobile Group. But I can’t push any org-file to my phone. When I open an org-file in Emacs and C-c-x RET p, Emacs shows this message.

Please set 'org-direcory' to the directory where your org files live

I don’t know why after I did such setting above Emacs still gave me this message.

All I can do in my phone is simply capture a new note, I input something and they can be synchronized with my PC under the ~/Ubuntu One/mobileorg.org. But I can’t read what I load into my phone.

I read the web:synchronizing, I found I can’t find those three files in my dirctory: checksum.dat, index.org and agendas.org.

What do I need to view org-files in my phone, and push org-files into my phone?

How to&Answers:

Where do you store your .org files, which you want to export to org-mobile? For example, i store mine in ~/labor and export file ~/labor/tasks.org, and also use OwnCloud WebDAV to synchronize with MobileOrg, so i have set:

(setq org-directory "~/labor")
(setq org-mobile-directory "~/dl/owncloud/mobileorg")
(setq org-agenda-files '("~/labor/tasks.org"))
(setq org-mobile-inbox-for-pull "~/labor/from-mobile.org")

As Pushing to MobileOrg says, pushing stages only the files listed in org-agenda-files or org-mobile-files and puts them in org-mobile-directory retaining the same structure, as it where in org-directory. As Pulling from MobileOrg says, org-mobile-inbox-for-pull is a file in org-directory, in which captured notes are pulled from the phone, which you will need to manually add wherever you want.

To setup:

  1. Put a list of .org files, that you want to have on your phone, in org-agenda-files or org-mobile-files variables;
  2. Set org-directory and org-mobile-directory – you’ve done that;
  3. Setup MobileOrg on the phone with Ubuntu One directory;
  4. Set org-mobile-inbox-for-pull to some file in org-directory

Your usual workflow will look like:

  1. Execute org-mobile-push (C-c C-x RET p) in Emacs;
  2. Synchronize the phone;
  3. Do something in MobileOrg;
  4. Synchronize the phone;
  5. Execute org-mobile-pull (C-c C-x RET g) in Emacs;