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Overlay image to make tutorial in Android app

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In many applications, I have seen that there is a welcome screen or tutorial that explains how the application works by overlaying explanations on top of the activity. For instance, in Android itself, the welcome screen with “Make yourself home”.

I would like to know what techniques can be used for that.

Edit: screenshot of “make yourself home
enter image description here
enter image description here

How to&Answers:

Is it this one? https://github.com/Espiandev/ShowcaseView

The ShowcaseView (SCV) library is designed to highlight and showcase specific parts of apps to the user with a distinctive and attractive overlay. This library is great for pointing out points of interest for users, gestures, or obscure but useful items…

The library is based on the “Cling” view found in the Launcher on Ice-Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean…

To use ShowcaseView, use the Builder pattern.

As an example:

new ShowcaseView.Builder(this)
    .setTarget(new ActionViewTarget(this, ActionViewTarget.Type.HOME))
    .setContentText("This is highlighting the Home button")

You can use styles to customise how a ShowcaseView looks.


There are now 3 alternatives for displaying some tutorial of an activity :

The first one being the best of the 3.


From your screen shots that looks like an Activity set to use…



Sounds like a popup window or a dialog. Both should have a similar effect.