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Package "Android Emulator" with revision at least 28.1.9 not available

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I am trying to add Android Q using AVD manager but it says: “Package “Android Emulator” with revision at least 28.1.9 not available.” Has anyone tried this before? what should I do now to resolve this.

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How to&Answers:

Based on https://developer.android.com/preview/release-notes:

Note: If you try to download the Android Q Beta 2 emulator system images from within the emulator, you will be prompted to download the latest version of the emulator. If you are on the stable channel of Android Studio releases, then you might need to switch to the canary channel to be able to download this latest version of the emulator. You do not need to download all of Android Studio from the canary channel—you can download only the emulator from the canary channel from within the SDK Manager.

You have to use the Android Studio Canary build to get an updated emulator. This worked for me


Thanks to @JulianC I also set the emulator. I tried to download it standalone from the official site, but couldn’t. Then switched to Canary Channel. I pressed Tools > SDK Manager, then Updates label and changed channel. Also pressed Check Now button and dismissed a dialog (Remind Me Later).

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Then switch to Android SDK and updated needed emulators.

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Then reverted back to Stable Channel.

After several days of work I faced some visual bugs in the emulator. Sometimes I have to restart virtual devices from AVD Manager with Cold Boot Now:

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Sometimes I recreate virtual devices in AVD Manager.


As stated in the other answers, installing the update from the canary channel solves this problem. However, if you don’t want to install Android Studio from canary channel, you can just use the sdkmanager tool. Just run this in the terminal:

sdkmanager --update --channel=3


************ EDIT ****************

Today I found version 29.0.6 available in stable channel.

Just click “Check for Updates…”

I found kind of solution.

  1. Go to Preferences -> Updates

  2. Select “Canary Cannel” and click “Check Now”

  3. Dismiss the updates “Remind me Later”


  1. Go to Preferences -> Android SDK -> SDK Tools

  2. Click 3 times on “Android Emulator” checkbox (The state on the checkbox will be the same like in the beginning)


  1. Go again to Preferences -> Updates

  2. Select “Stable Channel” and click “Check Now”

  3. Install recommended updates (android emulator to 29.0.3)


Also you have to download Android Q Preview from Preferences -> Android SDK -> SDK Platforms

last hint

It works for me.
Hope to help you 🙂


For a more recent answer:

Those installing from snap:

The reason is listed here:

This happens because Android Q is still in beta and therefore it’s only be available 
through the Canary and Development channels. 

The solution is to download Android 3.6 from here.