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Page Redirection in WordPress

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I am facing problem with change permalink actually I am using Redirection plugin you can see this plugin from here.


I have installed this plugin and activate.After that I want to change the url of page having page id 5 .Url is provided for each page by client so I need this

  for example:page_id=5 is about us page and I want to change this as shown in target URL

  Source URL:http://www.lifecellskin.us/Dev/?page_id=5
  Target URL:http://www.lifecellskin.us/Dev/About.php  

After that I clicked Add Redirection But when I click About us tab from header navigation it navigate to About.php but show this message give below.

 You have entered the wrong url/ page name. Click here for continueCLICK HERE

Please help me its very urgent.Please provide me any help regard this how this plugin will work in right way as I want



Thats a 404 Not Found Error.
Please, make sure that the page actually exists on your WordPress blog.

However, since the WordPress’ 404 page is not being shown, either your theme does not support 404 page OR something is wrong in the way Redirection plugin is setup.

Also, what you want can be simply achieved and does not require Redirection plugin.

Go to the Permalinks Settings page (should be, but can be different: http://www.lifecellskin.us/Dev/wp-admin/options-permalink.php)

Use the following Custom Structure under Common Settings: /%category%/%postname%.php


@shalu: Edit the page and under the title area you should see the post slug; change this to About. The post slug and post title can be completely different from each other. Then you should be able to use WordPress’ built-in Permalink Settings with the Custom Structure: /%postname%.php


I think the only way you might be able to achieve what you want is to manually add your custom entries to the WordPress .htaccess file. Example of how to make WordPress ignore certain rules here: http://www.ideashower.com/learned/override-wordpress-htaccess-with-custom-rewrite-rules/


I’m not sure you need the custom redirection plugin. If you deactivate the plugin, and then go to the permalinks settings, and switch on nicer URLs, you can name every post/page by editing the slug. Both the ID based URL and name based URLs will work.

This won’t give you .php endings, but a more friendly /page/name/ type URL based upon categories, post dates or page parents.


Three things I noticed:

  1. You linked to http://www.lifecellskin.us/Dev/About.php not http://www.lifecellskin.us/About.php (no DV)
  2. You linked directly to the About.php (sometimes this can cause problems with other plugins)
  3. Some themes don’t like capital letters.

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