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pass post data with window.location.href

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When using window.location.href, I’d like to pass POST data to the new page I’m opening. is this possible using JavaScript and jQuery?


Using window.location.href it’s not possible to send a POST request.

What you have to do is to set up a form tag with data fields in it, set the action attribute of the form to the URL and the method attribute to POST, then call the submit method on the form tag.


Add a form to your HTML, something like this:

<form style="display: hidden" action="/the/url" method="POST" id="form">
  <input type="hidden" id="var1" name="var1" value=""/>
  <input type="hidden" id="var2" name="var2" value=""/>

and use JQuery to fill these values (of course you can also use javascript to do something similar)


Then finally submit the form


on the server side you should be able to get the data you sent by checking var1 and var2, how to do this depends on what server-side language you are using.


Short answer: no. window.location.href is not capable of passing POST data.

Somewhat more satisfying answer: You can use this function to clone all your form data and submit it.

var submitMe = document.createElement("form");
submitMe.action = "YOUR_URL_HERE"; // Remember to change me
submitMe.method = "post";
submitMe.enctype = "multipart/form-data";
var nameJoiner = "_";
// ^ The string used to join form name and input name
//   so that you can differentiate between forms when
//   processing the data server-side.
submitMe.importFields = function(form){
    for(k in form.elements){
        if(input = form.elements[k]){
                var output = input.cloneNode(true);
                output.name = form.name + nameJoiner + input.name;
  • Do submitMe.importFields(form_element); for each of the three forms you want to submit.
  • This function will add each form’s name to the names of its child inputs (If you have an <input name="email"> in <form name="login">, the submitted name will be login_name.
  • You can change the nameJoiner variable to something other than _ so it doesn’t conflict with your input naming scheme.
  • Once you’ve imported all the necessary forms, do submitMe.submit();

it’s as simple as this
$.post( "som_page.php", { data1: value1 , data2: value2 .... } ).done(function( data ) { $( "body" ).html(data);});

I had to solve this to make a screen lock of my application where I had to pass sensitive data as user and the url where he was working. Then create a function that executes this code


Use this file : “jquery.redirect.js”

            user_name: "khan",
            city : "Meerut",
            country : "country"

see https://github.com/mgalante/jquery.redirect


You can use GET instead of pass, but don’t use this method for important values,

function passIDto(IDval){    
window.location.href = "CustomerBasket.php?oridd=" +  IDval ;

In the CustomerBasket.php

  $value = $_GET["oridd"];
  echo  $value;

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