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Passing -P parameters to gradle from android studio

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Is there a functionality inside android studio to do things like this.
Basically my gradle script reads parameter named version based on which it sets dependency version of a certain library.
So when I do gradlew -Pversion=‘1.2.3′ I get this string inside gradle. But this only works if I invoke gradle from console.

Is there a way to pass parameters to gradle when started using configuration for project inside Android Studio (pressing little play triangle)?

NOTE:I did find Gradle VM options and Script prameters under default configs but adding -Pversion=‘1.2.3′ there doesn’t seem to have an effect.

How to&Answers:

In order to provide parameter to run option of Android Studio you should setup them under AndroidStudios Compile Preferences

AndroidStudio > Preferences…

Under Compiler: ComandLineOptions
enter image description here


Run > Edit Configurations..

enter image description here

Replace “abcdef” in Script parameters by your params.


For example let’s try to pass server base endpoint while building project. First we need to define a method which gets url and sets it

def serverUrl = "https://mydefaulturl.com"
       serverUrl = url;

In your buildTypes create your base url with this value:


Now we can pass debug build an url and use it.

You can build your project from terminal with the command below:

./gradlew installDebug task runProgram '-Purl="https://yournewurl.com"'


Put version="1.2.3" in gradle.properties or under

buildscript {