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pasting text from Excel in Word header?

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I’m trying to add Belkin to the header of my word document.

Excel: A1 = Belkin | Word: header needs to get Belkin

How to&Answers:

here’s a quick & dirty Excel VBA to get you going – creating a new word application/word doc and pasting the content of A1 into the header ….

Sub CreateWordDocWithHeader()
Dim WApp As Word.Application
Dim WDoc As Word.Document
Dim WRng As Word.Range

    Set WApp = New Word.Application
    WApp.Visible = True
    Set WDoc = WApp.Documents.Add
    Set WRng = WDoc.Sections(1).Headers(wdHeaderFooterPrimary).Range
    WRng = ActiveSheet.[A1]

    Set WRng = Nothing
    Set WDoc = Nothing
    Set WApp = Nothing
End Sub

Hope this helps …. Good luck miked