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php – Access nested related objects with where clause in Laravel using Eloquent

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I’m trying to get a list of tasks that are associated with a specific client, but there is no direct relation between a task and a client. I also need to filter those tasks based on task status and project status.

Here are my models:

class Client extends Model
    // Fields ['id']
    public function projects()
        return $this->hasMany('App\Project');

class Project extends Model
    // Fields ['id', 'client_id', 'status']
    public function client()
        return $this->belongsTo('App\Client');
    public function tasks()
        return $this->hasMany('App\Task');
class Task extends Model
    // Fields ['id', 'project_id', 'status']
    public function project()
        return $this->belongsTo('App\Project');

In my controller, I have direct access to Client $client from the request.

The goal is to return a list of tasks which have a status of ‘open’ and which are children of projects owned by the client.

Basically, I want to write something like this:

$client->projects->where('status', 'active')->tasks->where('status', 'open');

And I want to get back what I’d get from this query:

SELECT * FROM tasks AS t 
    WHERE t.status='open' 
    AND t.project_id IN (
        SELECT id FROM projects AS p 
            WHERE p.status='active' 
            AND p.client_id=1

I’ve been able to solve it using Laravel’s Query Builder, but I want a solution that uses Eloquent’s ORM directly.

    ->join('projects', function($join) use ($client) {
        $join->on('projects.id', '=', 'tasks.project_id')
            ->where('projects.client_id', '=', $client->id);

This seems to be a variation on a common question, but I’ve been unable to solve it with the other answers posted here.

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How to&Answers:

What you are looking for is whereHas. It lets you query “results based on the existence of a relationship”.

You could try something like:

Task::where('status', 'open')
    ->whereHas('project', function ($query) use ($client) {
        $query->where('client_id', $client->id)
            ->where('status', 'active');

hasManyThrough also applies on this structure:

// In Client.php
public function tasks()
    return $this->hasManyThrough(Task::class, Project::class);

    ->where('projects.status', 'active')
    ->where('tasks.status', 'open')

However not entirely sure if this would work.