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php – Adding a javascript to all pages in OpenCart

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I’m new to OpenCart and don’t have any experience with PHP, so I have a question. I want to add the following JavaScript to hide the url bar on mobile browsers

// When ready...
 window.addEventListener("load",function() {
 // Set a timeout...
 // Hide the address bar!
 window.scrollTo(0, 1);
 }, 0);

However, I can’t find a way to insert this so this code will be executed on all pages in OpenCart. Where should I put this code?

How to&Answers:

save your script to a file, say ‘catalog/view/javascript/myscript.js’

Then add


to the catalog/controller/common/header.php some place before this line:

$this->data['scripts'] = $this->document->getScripts();

You could also just place your script inline into catalog/view/theme/{theme name}/template/common/header.tpl using normal html markup.


Looking at the theme documentation, I believe you want to edit the following file:


These templates (header, footer, etc) should appear on all pages.


You don’t need to go through this trouble especially if you don’t have access to FTP. All you need to do is just go to admin panel > design > theme editor > and choose the respective parts to insert the codes. If is footer then just choose footer.twig.

After adding the codes, click Save and you will see the changes immediately. If add the codes directly to the file on FTP, it won’t work.

Tried and tested on OpenCart 3


To add a script like that, just go to admin panel > design > theme editor > select “common” > footer and in the end of the file (after </html>) add the script.


If you want script to all your pages of the OC just add it before footer tag in footer.tpl or footer.twig