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php – Android c2dm registration id format

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I suspect I am going to feel really stupid after posting this but here goes. I have two main questions:

1) What is an appropriate regex to use for the registration id? Currently I have the following but I have not been able to find any docs to support whether this is sufficient:


2) Is it “valid” for a regID to contain “–“? I know that android can’t go worrying about what every language – in this case mysql – uses for comments, etc. but this caught me a little off guard. Up to this point I had always flagged that in my sanitizer(s) because of the possibility of being used for sql injection.

How to&Answers:

The format of the registration ID is an implementation detail. Google might change it anytime without any notice. Why do you want to validate it? If storing in MySQL is a concern, use mysql_real_escape_string() just in case, or mysqli::real_escape_string() with mysqli on PHP, or parameters.

It’s like people’s names. You might think it’s all alphabetic, then O’Neil comes along. Escape it just in case.