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php – Associative array to Json

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I would like to be able to generate a json output in the following format:


Although I have found that the respective code is this:

$arr = array('a' => array('ax' => 1, 'abx' => 2), 'b' => array('bax' => 1, 'bbx' => 2), 'c' => 3, 'd' => 4, 'e' => 5);

, I’m struggling to generate this output by using data from an sql query. I have tried array_push() and array_merge() and the closest I have managed to get is this:

[{"a":{"ax":1,"abx":2}},{"b":{"bax":1,"bbx":2}}, ....]

Any ideas?

How to&Answers:

First you should query all your data from table and then move it to an array, after this,use json_encode($array) function.

Place your array inside the parameters.

Then output will bee in json form.

$query="select *  from employees";

  $employees[] = array('employee'=> $employee,'country'=> $country);

echo $jsonformat=json_encode($employees);


Load the data you want encoded into an array then use json_encode().