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php – Browser hangs even when no breakpoint is set in XDebug/PHPStorm

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I’m using xdebug to debug a php application with phpstorm. Most of the time debugging works. However, I have repeatedly observed the following behavior:

  1. I click “Listen for incoming connections”enter image description here
  2. Do not add a breakpoint
  3. Reload the page in Chrome
  4. See that the page hangs forever
  5. See that phpstorm is not stopped on a breakpoint

It’s almost as the the browser thinks it is stopped on a breakpoint, even though it’s not. Closing and reopening storm solves the problem temporarily, but the problem always returns. Clicking “stop listening for incoming connections” allows the page to load, but of course prevents me from putting in breakpoints. This behavior persists even if I do add a breakpoint, which is to say, my breakpoint is completely ignored.

If it helps, here’s my xdebug config and I’m running php5.5 downloaded from here.

How to&Answers:

Old question, but recently also started having this issue, on PHPStorm 2016.1

As per image below, under debug settings, unchecking these fixed the issue for me.

enter image description here


I’ve had a similar issue multiple times and I have found it generally occurs after removing a breakpoint which it is currently stopped on while running the debug tool. The execution will continue stopping at the no longer existent break point as though it wasn’t removed. The solution I have found is simply to stop the debugging process within PhpStorm and to then start it again, the problem should then be cleared.


I had the same exact issue. If anyone else has this issue, try restarting Apache and MySQL and see if that fixes the issue.