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php – Carbon – get first day of month

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I am using carbon but trying to get the first day of the month so I can run a report from the beginning of the month till the current day.

    $date = [
        'start' => new \Carbon\Carbon('last month'),
        'end' => new \Carbon\Carbon('today')

The above code will show todays date back to same date in the previous month. But I want to get from the 1st to now.

Is there an easy way to do this like I am above? Cant find anything in the docs.

How to&Answers:

Try as

$start = new Carbon('first day of this month');

CARBON DOCS Refer #Testing Aids

If you already have Carbon object and want to find first day of month for that object you can try as,

$startDate = Carbon::now();
$firstDay = $startDay->firstOfMonth();


You can use following function

$start = Carbon::now()->startOfMonth();
$end = Carbon::now();