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php – CodeIgniter session cookie domain

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It appears with the following cookie settings below, that cookies are set for the entire domain. For example if I was on http://subdomain.domain.com the cookie would be set for subdomain.domain.com if I was on domain.com the cookie would be set for domain.com.

If the cookie is set for subdomain.domain.com that does that mean subdomain2.domain.com cannot access a cookie from subdomain.domain.com?

| Cookie Related Variables
| 'cookie_prefix' = Set a prefix if you need to avoid collisions
| 'cookie_domain' = Set to .your-domain.com for site-wide cookies
| 'cookie_path'   =  Typically will be a forward slash
$config['cookie_prefix']    = "";
$config['cookie_domain']    = "";
$config['cookie_path']      = "/";
How to&Answers:

Domain specific cookies are only accesible on that domain. Use “.domain.com” as your cookie domain to be able to use it across all subdomains and main domain.


When using several codeigniter applications on subdomains it is also important to set the same $config[‘encryption_key’].