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PHP compare two arrays and get the matched values not the difference

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I’m trying to compare two arrays and get only the values that exist on both arrays but, unfortunately, I can’t find the right array function to use…

I found the array_diff() function: http://php.net/manual/en/function.array-diff.php

But it’s for the difference of the both arrays.


$array1 = array("**alpha**","omega","**bravo**","**charlie**","**delta**","**foxfrot**");
$array2 = array("**alpha**","gamma","**bravo**","x-ray","**charlie**","**delta**","halo","eagle","**foxfrot**");

Expected Output:

$result = array("**alpha**","**bravo**","**charlie**","**delta**","**foxfrot**");
How to&Answers:

Simple, use array_intersect() instead:

$result = array_intersect($array1, $array2);


OK.. We needed to compare a dynamic number of product names…

There’s probably a better way… but this works for me…

… because….Strings are just Arrays of characters…. :>}

//  Compare Strings ...  Return Matching Text and Differences with Product IDs...

//  From MySql...
$productID1 = 'abc123';
$productName1 = "EcoPlus Premio Jet 600";   

$productID2 = 'xyz789';
$productName2 = "EcoPlus Premio Jet 800";   

$ProductNames = array(
    $productID1 => $productName1,
    $productID2 => $productName2

function compareNames($ProductNames){   

    //  Convert NameStrings to Arrays...    
    foreach($ProductNames as $id => $product_name){
        $Package1[$id] = explode(" ",$product_name);    

    // Get Matching Text...
    $Matching = call_user_func_array('array_intersect', $Package1 );
    $MatchingText = implode(" ",$Matching);

    //  Get Different Text...
    foreach($Package1 as $id => $product_name_chunks){
        $Package2 = array($product_name_chunks,$Matching);
        $diff = call_user_func_array('array_diff', $Package2 );
        $DifferentText[$id] = trim(implode(" ", $diff));

    $results[$MatchingText]  = $DifferentText;              
    return $results;    

$Results =  compareNames($ProductNames);


// Gives us this...
[EcoPlus Premio Jet] 
        [abc123] => 600
        [xyz789] => 800