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php – Create POT file with Poedit

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I’m trying desperately to create a catalog (. In) for my new application in php.
1) I created a file “trans.php” where I put all the values ​​to be translated

For example, here is my file:


echo _e('SORTIR LA NUIT');


2) I open Poedit, in the “Paths” here’s what I entered (see photo)
Then I save the same location of my file “php”.

paths configuration in Poedit

3) When I click “update”, I have the following errors:

12:25:43: No files found in: /Users/aweaoftheworld/Desktop/test
12:25:43: Poedit did not find any files in scanned directories.
12:25:43: Entries in the catalog are probably incorrect.
12:25:43: Updating the catalog failed. Click on 'More>>' for details.

Can you help me?


How to&Answers:

you should use _ instead of _e, for example

<?php echo _("hi there i am gettext library") ?>

by the way, _e function is from WordPress engine, it doing same but it’s not PHP predefined function.


Make sure the path(s) defined in POEdit (Catalog > Settings > Paths) point to the folder that contains your PHP files. This should solve the problem of POEdit not finding the files.

If the did not find any files in scanned directories is resolved, POEdit will probably still find 0 messages. This is because by default POEdit doesn’t support _e as a keyword. To resolve this problem, simply add “_e” to the list of keywords (in Catalog > Settings > Keywords).


Only if i use _() instead of _e() or instead of __() – poedit can find my strings – but, in wordpress i get this error:

Warning: _() expects exactly 1 parameter, 2 given in C:\xampp\htdocs\xxx.php on line xxx

it was after i try to add this: __() and this: _e() to “Keywords” but its did’nt solve the problem…
so for me the solution is to change it to _() for po edit and after it take all the words from code(wp theme or plugin) i change it all to __().