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PHP cURL is not loaded on modifying php.ini

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To enable cURL in PHP I uncomment this line


But cURL did not load on restarting Apache. Even on restarting the machine. I have PHP 5.2.1 installed with AppServer on windows XP.

Please help me enabling cURL. Any kind of help is appreciated.

How to&Answers:

Try this out:

  1. Download the copy of the win32 PHP (not the installer one) from php.net (whichever php version that you want running on your webserver).

  2. Then from the dll folder, copy these two files: libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll to your Windows/System32 (whichever Windows you have).

  3. And then from the extensions folder: get your php_curl.dll and place it under your /php/extensions folder.

  4. Check your php.ini to ensure it’s referring to the correct extension folder, for example:

    extension_dir = "./extensions/"

    And uncomment your extension to php_curl.dll for example:

  5. Restart Apache

Thanks. Hope it works for you.


I upgraded to PHP 5.6.4 and curl stopped working. php.ini and ext were fine.

I solved this problem by adding C:\php (my php folder) to system variable Path in the Control Panel->System-Advanced->Environment Variables.


For others who didn’t get php 7.1 to load with any of these answers, see Enable cURL on PHP7 windows10 64 bit Apache 2.4