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php – Difference between htmlspecialchars and mysqli_real_escape_string?

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I read in a PHP book that it is a good practice to use htmlspecialchars and mysqli_real_escape_string in conditions when we handle user inputed data. What is the main difference between these two and where they are appropriate to be used? Please guide me.

How to&Answers:

htmlspecialchars: “<” to “& lt;”
(Replaces HTML-Code)

mysqli_real_escape_string: ” to \”
(Replaces Code, that has a meaning in a mysql-query)

Both are used to be save against some attacks like SQL-Injection and XSS


These two functions are used for completely different things.

htmlspecialchars() converts special HTML characters into entities so that they can be outputted without problems. mysql_real_escape_string() escapes sensitive SQL characters so dynamic queries can be performed without the risk of SQL injection.

You could just as easily say that htmlspecialchars handles sensitive OUTPUT, while mysql_real_escape_string handles sensitive INPUT.



The two functions are totally unrelated in purpose; the only attribute they share is that they are commonly used to provide safety to web applications.

mysqli_real_escape_string is meant to provide safety against SQL injection.

htmlspecialchars is meant to provide safety against cross-site scripting (XSS).

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htmlspecialcharacters turns ‘html special characters’ into code, such as quotes (both single and double), ampersands, and less than/greater than signs. This function is generally used to ensure that content users post on your website doesn’t have HTML tags or XSS scripts.

mysql_real_escape_string escapes strings, meaning it adds the \ in front of slashes, quotes(both single and double), and anything else that can mess up a mysql query. This function ensures that no one is executing SQL commands on your server and getting information from the database.


Can I add that truly advanced PHP web programmers nowadays don’t do user input validation by hand anymore being it prone to a miriad of possible fallacies but instead usually opt for some PHP framework like CakePHP or CodeIgniter which do user input validation and much more with few lines of code?