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php – Does $_POST have a size limit?

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Does $_POST when used in conjunction with forms in PHP have a size limit? Obviously there must be some restrictions with $_GET seeing as most browsers will start to complain at ~250 characters (or something like that) and data could be lost, obviously this restraint doesn’t apply to $_POST.

I could test it myself but thought it might be quicker to simply ask here. If I had a simple form with a textarea, how much data could I enter before I ran into problems?

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That depends on the value of the PHP configuration directive POST_MAX_SIZE which is usually set to 8 MB (~8 million characters).


Yes it has limitation, you can set the limit from several place:

1., in php.ini


2., from the .htaccess file, if you have

php_value post_max_size 8M 

3., from php side,




you can change limit from php.ini “post_max_size”


It’s a PHP ini directive, post_max_size. It defaults to 8MB.


Yes. It’s defined in the php.ini file.


Yes the POST data is regulated by the post_max_size variable (default to 8M)