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php – Extracting files from .phar archive

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There is something I entirely missed as for phar files. I am installing a project that requires phpunit, pdepend and other dependencies. I fetched them as .phar files. But, I am not able ot extract the files from them using command line tool (php command). I googled the problem, and I found nothing really answering the question. Could anyone help ?

How to&Answers:

Yes, this library can do it: https://github.com/koto/phar-util

phar-extract library.phar output-directory


Extending on @pozs’s answer, you can actually use PharData->extractTo in a simple one-liner:

php -r '$phar = new Phar("phar-file.phar"); $phar->extractTo("./directory");'


Not sure if it’s new, but under PHP 5.4.16 this works:

phar extract -f %some phar file%

The phar is extracted relative to your current working directory.


PhpStorm IDE can be used for viewing content of phar archives.


This site converts .phar files to .zip files easily.

Try it out.


If you want to just using it, you should include as phar:///path/to/myphar.phar/file.php.

But if you really want to unpack it, see the PharData class – no known (internal) extraction in command line, but you can write a script for that.


PHP also has functions for extracting phar archives, but the files keep the current compression. To properly extract an archive it has to be converted into a uncompressed form first and then extracted:

$phar = new Phar('Someclass.phar');
$phar2 = $phar->convertToExecutable (Phar::TAR,Phar::NONE); // Convert to an uncompressed tar archive
$phar2->extractTo('/some/path/'); // Extract all files

This will give you all the files uncompressed!