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php – Get email address from mailbox string

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I need to extract the email address out of this mailbox string.
I thought of str_replace but the display name and the email address is not static so I don’t know how to do this using regular expressions.

Example: “My name <[email protected]>” should result in “[email protected]“.

Any ideas?


How to&Answers:

at face value, the following will work:


but i have a sneaking suspicion you need something better than that. There are a ton of “official” email regex patterns out there, and you should be a bit more specific about the context and rules of the match.


You can use imap_rfc822_parse_adrlist to parse that address:

$addresses = imap_rfc822_parse_adrlist('My name <[email protected]>');


If you know that the string is surrounded by < and > you can simply split out according to that.

This assumes that you will always have only one pair of < and > surrounding the string, and it will not ensure that the result is an email pattern.

Otherwise you can always read up on email regex patterns.


or Look up regular expressions (preg_match).

something like: [^<]<([^>])>;


I’m coming from a time and from projects where Regex was to expensive for easy string extraction.

$s = 'My name <[email protected]>';
$s = substr(($s = substr($s, (strpos($s, '<')+1))), 0, strrpos($s, '>'));

Results in

[email protected]