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php – Global Mutator for Laravel

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I have many different locations ways of inserting and updating my database and I would like to be able to trim() the users input before inserting into the database. I know in the model I can do something like below, but I do not want to do this for every field. Is there a way to set a generic setter that works on all fields?


public function setSomFieldAttribute($value) {
     return $this->attributes['some_field'] = trim($value);
How to&Answers:

You probably will be able to override those methods:


class Post extends Eloquent {

    protected function getAttributeValue($key)
        $value = parent::getAttributeValue($key);

        return is_string($value) ? trim($value) : $value;

    public function setAttribute($key, $value)
       parent::setAttribute($key, $value);

        if (is_string($value))
            $this->attributes[$key] = trim($value);

And you should never get an untrimmed value again.


Tested this here and I got no spaces:

Route::any('test', ['as' => 'test', function()
    $d = Post::find(2);

    $d->title_en = "  Markdown Example  ";



Use Model Events for this and run trim on each field you want when creating or updating a model.

class Model extends \Eloquent {
    public static function boot() {

            $model->some_field = trim($model->some_field);

Example usage:

$model = new Model;
$model->some_field = '  foobar    ';

// $model->some_field should now be trimmed