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php – Hidden features of the Lithium framework?

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Since there isn’t a lot of documentation out there, some features of the Lithium PHP Framework are not well known by the public. Are there any cool code features which I would miss if I just use the framework as shown in the docs?

How to&Answers:

Hey, thanks for asking. Most of what you can do with Lithium currently is documented at http://li3.me/docs/lithium and http://dev.lithify.me/drafts/source. However, with each new release we usually write a blog post highlighting some of the features that have been added and what you can do with them. Those can be found here: http://dev.lithify.me/lithium/wiki/blog.

Let me know if you need anything else, or have any other questions. As always, feel free to drop by #li3 on Freenode.


Filters are a huge benefit in Lithium. Notice how one would do “beforeSave” and “afterSave”: