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PHP: How do I read a .txt file from FTP server into a variable?

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I have two servers. I already have a .txt file in the one I’m connecting to.

I need to get the .txt file contents and put them into a $ variable. Here is my code that
doesnt work:

$ftp_server = $_POST["site"];
$path = $_POST["path"];
$ftp_user_name = $_POST["username"];
$ftp_user_pass = $_POST["pass"];

// set up basic connection
$conn_id = ftp_connect($ftp_server);

// login with username and password
$login_result = ftp_login($conn_id, $ftp_user_name, $ftp_user_pass);

ftp_get($conn_id, $content,"/" . $_POST["path"] . "/" . "#" . $result["id"]
. " - " .    $result["LastName"] . ", " . $result["FirstName"] . "/" . $_POST["title"] . ".txt", FTP_ASCII);

This code connects to the FTP and I used the ftp_get to copy from one text file to a variable called $content. I know a variable doesnt belong in this parameter, but I’m sold right now. I have no idea how to read this .txt file.

Is there a way to do this with the PHP FTP functions?


Now, when I try this:

$fileContents = file_get_contents('ftp://username:pa‌​[email protected]/path/to/file');

It gives a 550 error saying that the .txt file is not a regular file. Why am I getting this error?

Thanks again

Here is the official error I’m getting:

Warning: fopen(ftp://…@goldenbooklet.com/101Notebook Backup: 22-08-2013/#11 – Cappucci, Ryan/queen.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: FTP server reports 550 /101Notebook Backup: 22-08-2013/: not a regular file in /home/content/34/11614434/html/adminpdo.php on line 269

How to&Answers:

The file_get_contents is the easiest solution:

$contents = file_get_contents('ftp://username:pa‌​[email protected]/path/to/file');

If it does not work, it’s probably because you do not have URL wrappers enabled in PHP.

If you need greater control over the reading (transfer mode, passive mode, offset, reading limit, etc), use the ftp_fget with a handle to the php://temp (or the php://memory) stream:

$conn_id = ftp_connect('hostname');

ftp_login($conn_id, 'username', 'password');

ftp_pasv($conn_id, true);

$h = fopen('php://temp', 'r+');

ftp_fget($conn_id, $h, '/path/to/file', FTP_BINARY, 0);

$fstats = fstat($h);
fseek($h, 0);
$contents = fread($h, $fstats['size']); 


(add error handling)


Try this, this code is from http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.fread.php

$filename = "ftp://username:pa‌​[email protected]/path/to/file";
$handle = fopen($filename, "r");
$contents = fread($handle, filesize($filename));

echo $contents;

If error, please change the file permission to 777 or 775. Hope this may help.


If you’ve already opened a connection via ftp_connect, this would probably be the best answer:

$result = ftp_get($conn_id, "php://output", $file, FTP_BINARY);
$data = ob_get_contents();