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php – How to create a custom admin page in opencart?

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I want to know how to make a custom admin panel page in opencart.

Requires login with the controller – the admin panel does not seem to use the same controller as the normal site. I know how to make custom pages with opencart (but this is not for the admin)

A simple Hello World example would be great

How to&Answers:

OpenCart 2.x

The path names have changed in OpenCart 2 – you will want to create


Then the route becomes


OpenCart 1.x

  • Include full MVC flow.

I found out how to do this. OpenCart uses the MVC pattern. I recommend reading about How to be an OpenCart Guru? post about learning how the system works – this Admin workflow should also suffice for customer end.

1) Create a new file in admin/controller/custom/helloworld.php

Your filename and controller name should be the same in desc order:



class ControllerCustomHelloWorld extends Controller{ 
    public function index(){
                // VARS
                $template="custom/hello.tpl"; // .tpl location and file
        $this->template = ''.$template.'';
        $this->children = array(

2) Create a new file in admin/view/template/custom/hello.tpl


<?php echo $header; ?>
<div id="content">
echo 'I can also run PHP too!'; 
<?php echo $footer; ?>

3) Create a new file in admin/model/custom/hello.php

class ModelCustomHello extends Model {
    public function HellWorld() {
        $sql = "SELECT x FROM `" . DB_PREFIX . "y`)"; 
        $implode = array();
        $query = $this->db->query($sql);
        return $query->row['total'];    

4) You then need to enable the plugin to avoid permission denied errors:

Opencart > Admin > Users > User Groups > Admin > Edit

Select and Enable the Access Permission.

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