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php – how to create link in telegram bot

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I am designing a telegram bot. I want to show some links e.g.

1- wkpviana

2- vianahosting

that when user click it, open


in browser.
How I can create it in php?
part of my code is:

$sLink = "";
foreach($Links as $Row){
    $sLink .= "<a href='".$Row->link_url."'>".$Row->link_name."</a>";
$Text = $sLink;
$URL = "https://api.telegram.org/bot".$Token."/sendMessage?chat_id=".$ChatID."&text=".$Text."&reply_markup=".json_encode($KB);
How to&Answers:

You seem to be attempting to send the links with the <a> tag, which works fine, but requires you to use the parse_mode=html parameter, as documented here.

I believe it would look a bit like this:

$URL = "https://api.telegram.org/bot".$Token."/sendMessage?chat_id=".$ChatID."&text=".$Text."&parse_mode=HTML&reply_markup=".json_encode($KB);