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php – how to disable var_dump() in xdebug?

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Is it possible to switch off var_dump() in PHP application when using with Xdebug? I have used several var_dump() which break the page. I want some function or way so that it is possible to switch off/on the var_dump() output and so it is possible to see the whole page structure without the dumped data for debug purpose.

How to&Answers:

if you’re not wanting var_dump to output anything at all (regardless of xdebug)

// here var_dump is enabled
$varDumpEnabled = !true;
assert($varDumpEnabled, var_dump('whatever'));

nutshell.. when the first argument for assert1 is false, var_dump is evaluated.. when the first argument for assert is true, var_dump isn’t evaluated.


Put this in the php.ini settings


Otherwise, you can set this also at runtime with:

ini_set("xdebug.overload_var_dump", "off");