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php – How to display "git blame" in PhpStorm after opening file by default

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How to display “git blame” after opening a file by default in PhpStorm.

Without “right-click the left gutter, and select the Annotate option”,
I want to display “git blame” by default after just opening files.

How to&Answers:

‘git blame’ is supported – the command is called annotate in PhpStorm.

  1. Right-click the file
  2. Choose Git > Annotate

Annotate option in the context menu

Annotate result in the file


You can set a hotkey for almost anything in PHPStorm.

Click Preferences > Keymap. Search for Annotate. You can then set a hotkey to toggle Annotations in PHPStorm.

This doesn’t exactly solve the problem of showing annotations when a file is opened but does eliminate the need for lots of fiddly clicking.


It’s not exactly an solution, but can help if you’re tired of creating new shortcuts for every little functionality that you need.

You right click the file, press G, release, and press N

it’s the same as pointing to the GIT, waiting for the window to popup and selecting the annotate function, only faster.

That’s the way I do.

Hope it helps somebody


It is possible with the GitToolbox plugin.
These settings are enabled by default i think and it also displays the blame in the status bar.

If you want to edit the settings, you go to File-> settings-> other settings-> GitToolbox Global and you can see the checkboxes there.