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php – How to hide relationship columns in laravel?

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I have a statement like this:


I want to hide certain columns from a relation, but I can’t do that with makeHidden(), because it only takes the arguments for the Model not the relation.

How can I hide some columns from the relation?

How to&Answers:

If you don’t want to hide the phone_no for all the requests by adding it to the hidden property, you could do something like this:

$user = App\User::with('client')->find(2);
return $user;

As I stated in my comment to the original question: I found this method as well. I believe this should be the method you should use when you want to exclude columns more often. If you only want to exclude a column once, my solution should be sufficient.


With accepts a callback to modify the query.

$users = User::with(['client' => function($query) {
        $query->select(['id', 'name']);

You could also define default hidden attributes on your Client model

protected $hidden = ['phone_no'];


You can either hide the column in the query result (eager loading is unnecessary):

$user = User::find(2);

Or you don’t even get it from the database:

$user = User::with('client:id,user_id,...' /* other columns except phone_no */)->find(2);


You can create a scope in your model and apply it in builder

Define these functions in your model

protected function columns(){
    return Schema::getColumnListing('clients');

public function scopeExclude($query, $value = array()) 
  return $query->select( array_diff( $this->columns(), $value) );

Now use it in query builder

App\User::with(['client' => function($query){


Try this:

App\User::with(['client' => function($query){