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php – How to install amqp on windows

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I am having this error while installing pecl/amqp

when I type in the command line: pear install pecl/amqp

WARNING: php_bin C:\xampp\php.\php.exe appears to have a suffix .\php.exe,


config variable php_suffix does not match
ERROR: The DSP amqp.dsp does not exist.

I need to install this so that I can use amqp (RabbitMQ) on php.

How to&Answers:

@ AMQP installation php.net:

Note to Windows users: This extension does not currently support Windows since the librabbitmq library does not yet support Windows.

But here at RabbitMQ website is a windows installer…

Apparently the information on the php.net page is outdated

To install do like this:

  1. Download the correct package for your php from this official PECL amqp page
  2. unzip
  3. add php_amqp.dll to your php ext folder and enable the extension inside your php.ini file: extension=php_amqp.dll
  4. add rabbitmq.#.dll to your windows system 32 folder (where # corresponds with the version number).

All this according to the post on the blog I found here.


I updated some of the information above. The blog post is from 2013, and only mentioning older versions, but it is anyway a nice guide to the steps you need to take. Since then newer versions are available so be aware there are some slight differences in the process (mainly version numbers) if you want to install a newer version.


This works for me in PHP 7.1, and amqp 1.9.4 for Windows.

  • Download the correct package in https://pecl.php.net/package/amqp based on your PHP version, architecture, thread safety, and compiler. You can check it in phpinfo
  • Copy php_amqp.dll to your php ext folder
  • Update your php.ini with: extension=php_amqp.dll
  • Copy rabbitmq.4.dll to your windows system 32 folder if 32bit system. add it to SysWOW64 if using 64bit system.
  • Restart apache.


Although this will not answer how to install RabbitMQ with the pear install pecl/amqp, but have you ever tried to use rabbitmq with the pure php implementation php-amqplib?