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php – How to load parameters with different values based on user role in Symfony?

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I have a multitude of parameters in parameters.yml file, each parameter should have a different value based on logged in user’s role.

Is there is way to systematically decide and load correct value based on logged in user’s role?



Ideally, I don’t want to add conditions in my code for manager or user before I use address_code.

How to&Answers:

Since parameters values are used during the container compilation, their value cannot be changed at runtime.

And since the user role can only be known during a request, what you want to do simply cannot be done.

But you are most likely you are approaching the problem from the wrong end.

Just encapsulate the logic in a service of some kind. A simplistic example:

The service:

namespace App\Service;

class FooService

    private array $configuration;

    public function __construct(array $configuration)
        $this->configuration = $configuration;

    public function getAddressCodeFor(string $role): string
        return $this->configuration[$role] ?? '';

Your parameters:

# services.yaml
        ROLE_USER: 'foo'
        ROLE_ADMIN: 'bar'

Configuration to make sure the service know about your parameters:


    arguments: ['%address_code%']    

Then it’s only a matter of injecting FooService wherever you need these values, and call getAddressCodeFor($role) where you need it:

class FakeController extends AbstractController

    private FooService $paramService;

    public function __construct(FooService $service)
        $this->paramService = $service;

    public function someAction(): Response
        $address_code = $this->paramService->getAddressCodeFor('ROLE_ADMIN');

        return $this->json(['address_code' => $address_code]);


This is just an example, but you can adjust it to follow your needs.