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php – how to pass parameter on redirect in yii

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I am using Yii framework for my project;

I am redirecting page after success of insertion in database to another controller using


During the redirection is it possible to pass any parameters just like in render,

$this->render(‘selectRefiner’, array(‘param’ => $data)

How to&Answers:


$this->redirect(array('controller/action', 'param1'=>'value1', 'param2'=>'value2',...))

api yii 1, api yii 2


try this:

Yii::$app->response->redirect(['site/dashboard','id' => 1, 'var1' => 'test']);


You can only pass GET parameters in the Yii 2 redirect(). However, I had a similar situation and I resolved it by using Session storage.

Naturally, you can access current Session via Yii::$app->session. Here is an example of using it in two separate controller actions:

public function actionOne() {
    // Check if the Session is Open, and Open it if it isn't Open already
    if (!Yii::$app->session->getIsActive()) {
    Yii::$app->session['someParameter'] = 'Bool/String/Array...';

public function actionTwo() {
    if (isset(Yii::$app->session['someParameter']) {
       $param = Yii::$app->session['someParameter'];
    } else {
       $param = null;
    $this->render('two', [
        'param' => $param

So now you should be able to access $param inside the two view.

For more information, please refer to the official class documentation.


To redirect into same action with the all parameters that already have this works for me.