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php – How to remove an action added through a class

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I’m trying to remove an action that a plugin registers in a separate functions.php file, but the syntax is stumping me. The plugin (I can’t copy/paste – commercial plugin) infers to the add_action like so:

class Plugin_Class{

  function add_actions(){
    add_action('tag', array(&$this, 'function_to_remove'), 10); 

    global $wp;
    // Code here

I’m mostly confused with &$this. I know that this refers to the instance of the class, but based off my research it should be removed like so:

Need help with remove_action()

I just don’t know how to come up with the syntax for my situation. Why define the global variable? Would I need to do that in my case? I’m assuming the widget array comes from WP core code, but I’m confused on how I need to implement this in my case, which seems to be much simpler. Sorry if this stuff is remedial.

Thanks for any help in advance.

How to&Answers:

The &$this creates a reference instead of a copy. That way when you access that variable later, you really access this object and not a copy.


See the paragraph about array “not exactly assigning by reference, but equivalent.”