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php – How to run Angular app on xampp server?

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I’m working with Angular 2 with php. Before I started PHP with Angular 2. I have done Angular 2 with node.js on server localhost:3000. Now with PHP, how I can configure my Angular 2 app with xampp server so my server code is running on localhost:8080. Please help me on this.

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Here is my answer.

You can write Angular2 app just using Angular2 packages without using node or mamp or xampp and host that app. Ref

According to the above reference I created my app using angular 2 – cli
after that I made a little change in my root directory index.html file which is:

<base href="/">


<base href="./">

and build my app using:

ng build --prod

copy dist folder and paste it in my xampp htdocs folder and access the site using:



App works


You can host it on any server by first building the angular project using the command line:

ng build --base-href "/football/" --prod

This base href will mean that it expects the final server to be something like:

You want to get everything that is made in the dist folder and paste it into your server inside a folder called football.


I think that you are looking something similar to:

angular-cli server – how to proxy API requests to another server?

Just run your angular 2 application using the CLI, and add the proxy to use the services that are in xampp.