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php – How to use imagick's writeImage() function?

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This works if I keep the script in the same directory as the image being manipulated. And the resultant image “foo.jpg” is also generated in the same location.


$im = new imagick('image.jpg');
$im->thumbnailImage( 200, 0);


But what if the script is in one location and the image I wish to work with is in another and the location I wish to save the thumbnail to is somewhere else, how to specify these paths?

Doing something like this doesn’t work:

$im = new imagick('path/to/image.jpg');
How to&Answers:

Might be some file system problem. Try and get a file pointer in php first and check for any problems

$fileHandle = fopen("path/to/image.jpg", "w");

You can then use Imagick function (version 6.3.6 or newer);