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php – How to use JSON with Jquery?

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I’m working at an app which would make a POST ajax request to a PHP script on my server. The script would query the database and return a row of records, as an array. (One array for each row, containing elements such as id, title, etc). I then want to use json_encode() to encode this array, and pass it back to the javascript which will use it to display the records.

1) How can I return the JSON encoded string to the javascript?
2) How will the javascript loop through the rows and access their fields?

How to&Answers:

To get JSON with jQuery, just use jQuery.getJSON(). Alternatively, you can use any other AJAX tool and then just eval() the json to get a javascript object.

To loop through an array, I usually use jQuery.each():

var recordList = yourMethodToGetRecordListWithAjax();

jQuery.each(recordList, function()
    alert(this.Name); // For example


1) in the php script:

$return["foo"]  = "bar";
$return["blah"] = "bleg";
print json_encode($return);

2) in the javascript:

  type: "POST",
  url: URL,
  cache: false,
  data: values,
  dataType: 'json',
  success: function(json) {
    var foo = json.foo;
    if (json.blah == "bleg") {
      // do stuff 
  } // end success function
}); // end ajax call


You can return the JSON encoded string to the JS by echoing it with a Content-Type of application/json.

See above answer for the rest.