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php – Instantiating all classes in directory

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I’m using Laravel and creating artisan commands but I need to register each one in start/artisan.php by calling

Artisan::add(new MyCommand);

How can I take all files in a directory (app/commands/*), and instantiate every one of them in an array ? I’d like to get something like (pseudocode) :

$my_commands = [new Command1, new Command2, new Command3];
foreach($my_commands as $command){
How to&Answers:

Here is a way to auto-register artisan commands. (This code was adapted from the Symfony Bundle auto-loader.)

function registerArtisanCommands($namespace = '', $path = 'app/commands')
    $finder = new \Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder();

    foreach ($finder as $file) {
        $ns = $namespace;
        if ($relativePath = $file->getRelativePath()) {
            $ns .= '\'.strtr($relativePath, '/', '\');
        $class = $ns.'\'.$file->getBasename('.php');

        $r = new \ReflectionClass($class);

        if ($r->isSubclassOf('Illuminate\Console\Command') && !$r->isAbstract() && !$r->getConstructor()->getNumberOfRequiredParameters()) {


If you put that in your start/artisan.php file, all commands found in app/commands will be automatically registered (assuming you follow Laravel’s recommendations for command and file names). If you namespace your commands like I do, you can call the function like so:


(This does add a global function, and a better way to do this would probably be creating a package. But this works.)



$contents = scandir('dir_path');
$files = array();
foreach($contents as $content) {
  if(substr($content,0,1 == '.') {
  $files[] =  'dir_path'.$content;

That reads the contents of a folder, itterates over it and saves the filename including path in the $files array. Hope this is what you’re looking for

PS: Im not familiar with laravel or artisan. So if you have to use specific semantics(like camelCase) to register them, then please tell me so