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php – Is there a way to glob() only files?

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I know that glob can look for all files or only all directories inside a folder :

echo "All files:\n";
$all = glob("/*");

echo "Only directories\n";
$dirs = glob("/*", GLOB_ONLYDIR);

But I didn’t found something to find only files in a single line efficiently.

$files = array_diff(glob("/*"), glob("/*", GLOB_ONLYDIR));

Works well but reads directory twice (even if there are some optimizations that make the second browsing quicker).

How to&Answers:

I finally found a solution :

echo "Only files\n";
$files = array_filter(glob("/*"), 'is_file');

But take care, array_filter will preserve numeric keys : use array_values if you need to reindex the array.


You can use GLOB_BRACE to match documents against a list of known file extensions:

$files = glob("/path/to/directory/*.{jpg,gif,png,html,htm,php,ini}", GLOB_BRACE);

see: http://www.electrictoolbox.com/php-glob-find-files/


There is an easier way, just one line:

$files = glob("/path/to/directory/*.{*}", GLOB_BRACE);

the {*} means all file endings, so every file, but no folder!


10% faster compared to the solution of @AlainTiemblo :

$files = array_filter(glob("/*", GLOB_MARK), function($path){ return $path[ strlen($path) - 1 ] != '/'; });

It uses GLOB_MARK to add a slash to each directory and by that we are able to remove those entries through array_filter() and an anonymous function.

Since PHP 7.1.0 supports Negative numeric indices you can use this instead, too:

$files = array_filter(glob("/*", GLOB_MARK), function($path){return $path[-1] != '/';});

No relevant speed gain, but it helps avoiding the stackoverflow scrollbar ^^

As array_filter() preserve the keys you should consider re-indexing the array with array_values() afterwards:

$files = array_values($files);


$all = glob("/*.*");

this will list everything with a “.” after the file name. so basically, all files.