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php – Joomla, ConfigBox (Extension) Css styling doesnt work

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i am new to web-development, with some understanding of html, css and php. I am using an extension on joomla called “ConfigBox” and i want to make changes to the css styling of the page. Like explained in the documentation (http://docs.configbox.at:8090/latest/custom-css-styling-330597.html) i have tried to use the “custom.min.css” file but there were no changes at all. I also tried to give a certain an ID to make a more specified selection, but it still doesnt work. My guess is that the file doesnt load, but i´m not sure. On the other hand, when i write the css code into the PHP Template files i can make certain changes to each , but its not the right solution.

Thank you very much for your help!

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