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php – JQGrid: get multiple checked row values in JQGrid by post

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I have one JQGrid in my php file and I have placed inside one form . On submitting form, i just want the checked value from the JQGrid.

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {
            datatype: 'json',
            mtype: 'GET',
            loadonce: true,
            // jsonReader: { repeatitems: false },
            colModel :[ 
                {name:'name', index:'name',width: 100,searchoptions: { sopt: ['eq', 'ne','cn']}}, 
                {name:'mobile', index:'mobile',search: false,width: 120}
            pager: '#pager',
            rowNum: 5,
            rownumbers: true,
            sortname: 'id',
            sortorder: 'desc',
            viewrecords: true,
            height: 'auto',
            width: 420, 
            shrinkToFit: false,
            gridview: true,
            caption: 'Members'


    var myGrid = $('#list1'),
    selRowId = myGrid.jqGrid ('getGridParam', 'selrow'),
    celValue = myGrid.jqGrid ('getCell', selRowId, 'mobile');


And I have used the following code to get the checked value , But All stuff are made in java script. But I have to get the values for updating the database. So i need to get the value by post.

Please provide me the methods..

How to&Answers:

You should use

var selRowIds = myGrid.jqGrid ('getGridParam', 'selarrrow');

insteda of

var selRowId = myGrid.jqGrid ('getGridParam', 'selrow');

to get the array with ids of selected rows. You can use JSON.stringify(selRowIds) or selRowIds.join(',') to convert array in the form which you can easy send to the server.

I think that you can find some additional information in the answer (see the demo).