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php – kohana transaction with orm

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is it possible (how) to use mysql transactions and rollbacks using kohana ORM ?

How to&Answers:

SQL Transactions in Kohana 3.x are not done the same way as in 2.x. In 3.x, the database class comes with transaction methods:


This also works if you are using ORM stuff. Just initiate the transaction before ORM saves, updates, a or deletes.

Read more in this post:

In 2.x, transactions had to be done manually:

$this->db->query("START TRANSACTION")


Check out the official forums. It shows an example on how to use transactions with Ko3:

$db->query(NULL, 'TRANSACTION START');  
// Do stuff  
$db->query(NULL, 'COMMIT');

How to do it with version 2, I don’t know. I’m still new to kohana myself, and learning Ko3 rather than 2. But I’m guessing it’s quite similar.


I’ve created a Kohana module that makes using transactions a lot easier:


It does, however, require at least Kohana 3.1. But then you just add

public $_transactional = true;

to the controller, and all actions are automatically executed inside a transaction, which is rolled back when the action fails with an exception.